Our 2005 Biking Cruise

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Here is a bit of the "Mundo Mayan" (Mayan World) along the Carribean coast of Mexico about 200 miles south of Cancun. We were supposed to visit Cancun, but Carnival change the itinerary to Costa Maya supposedly due to hurricane Wilma.

We tied up at the pier at Costa Maya Port and biked north to the "Monkey Reverve" near Rio Indio and then back to Mahahual. A distance of about 25 miles. The roads were excellent, flat, and had almost no traffic. Great for biking!

We had the usual line up and check off on the pier. You can see that there are 2 ships at the end of the pier. The Carnival "Valor" and the Carnival "Miracle". That means the over 6000 people came ashore and invaded this tiny port and town of Mahahual. Unbelievably, the crowds ashore were small!

Perhaps many of the passengers took one of the many shore excursion to swim, scuba, snorkel, tour, and/or visit the jungles that surrounded the port. We avoided the excursion costs ($50 to $150/person/day) by doing our own bike touring. Thanks to Richie!

We were greeted at the Port Visitor's Center by this fellow. This Center had shops, bars, resturants, and shows. We stayed for the "Folkloric". Do you think the guy in the green shirt is peeing?

Here are a few residents of the Monkey Reserve: A monkey and some javelinas. There were 2 monkeys and a big herd of javelinas. The purple on the javelina's back is some form of medication because these critters are nasty towards each other.

This is Earl Lang and a Coati Mundi. Earl runs the "Acme Bike Shop" in Punta Gorda, FL. I'm not sure that they are exchanging a secret or stealing a kiss. Either way, it looks bad for Earl. If Jim were there, he'd probably be jealous!

Here is the main road in Mahahual. It's hard packed sand. On the right are the shops and taquerias on the left is the water. Mary Ann and I bought una cerveza and ate our sandwiches at a table at the water's edge. Each day we would make sandwiches and take fruit from the ship board breakfast buffet in the morning. This saved us mucho dinero and we avoided "Montezumas Revenge".

Here are 3 pictures taken at the Costa Maya Port "Visitor's Center". The traditional Mexican Folkloric has dances representing the many regions and ages of Mexico. We've seen several Folklorics in Texas and Mexico and they are always colorful and musical. Don't miss one if you have the opportunity.

Our final day in the ports ended at Costa Maya... This is a view of the two ships from the pool/bar at the "Visitor's Center". Looking at the ships from this close give an idea of their size.

The lower picture was taken on the pier between the ships. It was like a street between two huge buildings. Sort of like a deep canyon.

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