Our 2006 Alaskan Cruise/Tour

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Jack, Cora, Suzie, and Dave

Ted, Mary Lou, and Richie

Kathie, Dominic, Earl, and Karen. They were reflecting my "YMCA" tee shirt

Jim, who else?

Dave, Henry (our great waiter), and Dominic

Ted, Mary Lou, and Marianne.

Jim and Bridgette. (He's the guy who kissed the iguana, remember?)

Richie and Rose.

Carol and John

That's it for our cruise We had a great trip!

Here are some stats: We went to ports in Cayman Islands, Honduras, Belize, and Mexico in 7 days. We biked about 75 miles. Our basic cruise cost was $1500 and we spent an additional $300 (includes $130 for the jungle biking excursion). $130 trip insurance. $50 for drinks (including the Duty Free Shop). $100 to get to and from Miami. This works out to $1000 each for Mary Ann and myself.

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