Our 2008 Panama Cruise

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Our 7th day was also spent at sea. We are on our way to Guatemala. But first, some pictures of life aboard ship.

Below are some of the folks in our RV Club. These pictures were taken at one of our "casual" evening "fine dining" dinners at "Claudes Resturant" on Deck 4. I have not added names to protect the innocent (and because I don't know some of their names yet.).

Note the linen and nice table settings.

Below are a few pictures of our entertainment. The first 3 are dancing and music at the "Bolero Lounge" on Deck 7. The best Latin styled music was performed by a Hungaian quartet called "Celebration Four". We would often go to the "Bolero" in the evening just to hear them play. The guy is the group leader and the gal is his wife the base player.

The next 3 pictures were taken in the huge, balconied "Sound of Music" theater on Decks 5 and 6. Every night there would be good stage shows: some comedy, some music, a lot of dance routines, and even a couple of magicians. All accompanied by the excellent 6 piece "Sound of Music Orchestra".

I have included only one photo of a group: The "Original Drifters". They performed some of their 50's and 60's hits such as: "Under the Boardwalk", "Up on the Roof", Spanish Harlem", "Dance With Me", "There Goes My Baby", and several more. The crowd (in their 60's, 70's and 80's) loved them.


I'm includig a couple of pictures of th "Casino" on Deck 5. This was also part of the entertainment for some. Mary Ann managed to lose about 25 dollars in one of the machines. I didn't gamble, but it was fun to watch...

There was a lot of other forms of entertainment organized by "Jhonny O" our Cruise Director such as: Karaoke, a hairy leg contest, Halloween costume competition, wine and rum tasting, food demos, etc., etc...

I didn't take any pictures of the outdoor pool and deck areas. Not that they were not pretty, but they were inhabited by lots of tubby, wrinkly, old creatures in skimpy swim suits trying to turn brown and staying plump with hydrating liquids.

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