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Southeast Asia with Peter


Undoubtedlymy first thanks goes to Ole  (aka: wichai o-sathirakul). Without his patient leadership, good humor, logistical expertise, artistic capabilities, and SE Asian knowledge, this trip would not have been so successful, exciting and educational.

Here he is with his wife and son.IMG_0000

Also, without Ole’s trip booklets and maps, I never would have been able to include many actual local place names of the places we visited.  I also used little copies of his city pictures to begin each days adventures.

A huge tanks also goes to Dao, Nie, Rath, and Henry our OAT country guides. They were super: great language skills, great country knowledge, and great people! I enjoyed hearing their personal stories, but did not include them here. Sensitive stuff!

A big “Thanks!” goes to OAT and the OAT crew.  They set up this trip and guided Peter and I through all the things required to make this trip a success!

Ole’s trip booklet:IMG_0005

I used and annotated this map that I got off the internet.  I suspect that Ole was the artist behind this one, too.IMG_1005 Map

 As you may guess, I made extensive use of the internet :Google, Foxfire, Wikipedia, brouchures, my gathered local notes, my imagination, etc. to dig out the type of detail that I added to each picture.  I strive for accuracy, but seldom achieve it.  The mistakes are all mine including strange characters, spellings, spacings, wording,  and underling that occasionally appears.

IMG_0007Obviously, much thanks goes to son-in-law  George White.  He’s my “go to guy” for this web sites development.  With him and WordPress, doing a web site is a snap (although a time consuming one).

IMG_0008Additional thanks goes to my wife Mary Ann (shown here at Christmas in Boston) who encouraged this trip and suggested that I invite my brother Peter.

Finally, be fore warned.  I take lots of pictures.  I do edit and cull them, but there are many, many pictures in this blog.  Also, I do a lot of research for each picture, so there are lots of words. I hope you’ll find the time and patience to look at them all.  It’s a fascinating part of the world.  Regards, Phil Stevens

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